Exclusive Extracts – Dutch Dragon Shatter

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAAA
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7 reviews for Exclusive Extracts – Dutch Dragon Shatter

  1. medicinalmelodies

    My friend referred me to this site, he said he loved it, and I actually like the idea of having what I need showed up to my door seamlessly in 2 days. I got off my anti depressants when I found this strain. It’s all I smoke and I couldn’t be happier. I feel sexier, I’m happy, I’m horny, I don’t mind eating and yet somehow I’m losing weight. it’s absolute bliss.

  2. dean.winchester

    Sometimes I take these reviews with a grain of salt. DG shatter has been notoriously the choice of many hip-hop stars as their go to herb and all the reviews on online are pretty generous so it was top of list for me…. it delivered! Smooth smoking, great presentation, slows everything down to a medium-pace and gives you the perfect “eyes half closed buzz” for me. I didn’t get serious munchies but was thirsty which is the norm. The taste didn’t blow me away like those of the Lemon/Blueberry strain which I will likely review next but it definitely wasn’t terrible and the smell was quite pungent. This is a top 3 shatter for me early in my online ordering..

  3. marbleizer02

    Double D is definitely worth it! Clean, clear & under control is how I describe the high. (: Customer service is great I emailed them and had a reply within the hour. Absolutely terrific!

  4. CanadaKusher92

    This was the first weed I smoked in Vancouver and I associate it with a very pleasant time. It’s a relaxing, clear headed high. My heart beats faster on it and I feel tingly. It puts a big smile on your face and seems to erase anxiety.

  5. yammaster

    Bombs away, a little under a gram…

  6. diggydoosh_

    by far one of my favorite all time strains I loved the energy behind it and the creativity state of mind it put me in. there’s never a bad time to have the trigger pulled in the dutch dragon as soon as you hit it welcome to a more live happy world my friend!!!

  7. jaredanimal

    I love dragon shatter but don’t plan on being productive if you smoke this. This is one of the “stereotypical” college stoner strains. Get ready to stink up the place, kick back, lose track of time, and chill with your friends. Your mind will go places, with or without your body. Perfect for watching movies or listening to music. Knocks you out if you need a good night’s sleep.

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