Kush Oil Hybrid Cartridges (0.6mL)

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Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds!?Whether you?re a sativa or an indica lover, hybrids balance the properties from both, making them a great choice for any time of day. Depending on the parent plant strains, hybrids can be a perfect indica/sativa balance; or the ratio can be sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. Hybrids that contain a 50/50 ratio of sativa and indica provide a perfect balance of mental and physical properties. Sativa-dominant hybrids bring the uplifting sativa qualities, such as a cerebral high and creativity boost; while also providing a euphoric sense of relaxation from the indica. Indica-dominant hybrids provide the user with all the amazing indica qualities, such as full body relaxation with stress and pain relief. The Sativa aspect stimulates energy and counteracts the couch-lock effect which indica can also bring. The?0.6 mL?super cartridge?features stainless steel & glass with silicone seals and no glue. This is Kush Oil’s most popular flagship cartridge. It heats the oil using a ceramic coil. This cartridge is capable of making super tokes! Note: Battery Kit not included with cartridge. Please add a battery kit if you don?t have one.


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