Money Maker

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
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The Money Maker Strain is a three-way cross between the Skunk Strain, Master Kush, and Hindu Kush. It has a high THC level, averaging between twenty and twenty-three percent THC, with a potent effect that can sneak up on you because the effect is gradual. Some users describe the aroma as “fruitcake” because it has a dried fruit and nutty earthy aroma. It is also said to have a spicy and sweet taste. Most people take Money Maker in the evenings or on the weekends because it will definitely make you drowsy and carry you off to a nice long sleep. It's perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It will also give you the munchies so it's good for treating lack of appetite.

19 reviews for Money Maker

  1. Rogger

    Nice big buds, and dense, but the taste is a bit harsh. Still, overall, its very good stuff.

  2. sam

    “Absolutely fucking amazing strain; great taste, fantastic smell and perfectly sedating effects. My personal favourite strain for insomnia, and for instant stress relief.”

  3. Eve

    Dense nugs that bust up into nice resinous joints. Big smoke off of it too. Very happy with it.

  4. Julia

    very good for pain and long lasting.your the best.

  5. Kayla

    “this is a couch sitting strain it will slump you”

  6. browlands_7 (verified owner)

    Money maker was a TKO for me. It was a strong head high and produced a lot of dense smoke. After taste could definately be better though.

    • doobdasher2

      We love negative feedback more then we get positive because now we know what to do to make you happier next time… Thanks browlands_7

  7. dan.ravary (verified owner)

    This strain is quite a bit stronger than the local regs I smoke. Nice dense nugs. For the first couple days Money Maker put me to sleep, but I got used to it. Mostly pain relief after that. I would recommend.

    • doobdasher2

      Find a nice place in your house and just get ready to relax because MM will hit you!

  8. kurticus

    Ok all I remember from last night is I smoked a half of a bowl. Half. Then proceeded proceeded to eat everything. Everything?. Yes everything. I woke up fully clothed in bed at 3 am. I am officially afraid of this… until I go to bed. But yeah gets you super relaxed, hungry, and sleepy as hell. You need to work on replying to emails!!

  9. truereligion

    Gives great clear-headed hight, no paranoia! very nice all arounder.. Could go for a walk with dog or just stay home meditating or watching movie. This gives you a good vibes and relieves stress, making everything beyond normal. It hits relatively slow but knocks you out for about 10 min after and last under an hour.

  10. 9lv4880 (verified owner)

    I received my order promptly, smokes a J and proceeded to do some leaf mulching. After all that, still had a buzz going. Pretty nice. Can’t wait to try some other strains.

  11. Mikerman

    Money maker is exactly what you need after a hard days work. Any time you want to sink into the couch and forget about everything around you take a couple puffs of that money!

  12. russellquinn (verified owner)

    @ 71 & using pot since the 60s.This sure beats those Mexican bricks full of seeds -n- stems again=Blues♫

  13. Mike

    Buds are dense and good size. Strong smell and good taste. I was surprised when I opened the package.

  14. lucas Bains

    Packaged very well actually, buds are bigger then expected. I thoroughly enjoy this for many reasons: it helps me get my creativity going to write and overall just makes me happy and uplifted. The taste sets this apart: it’s musky but not gross; just nice. Highly recommend it! – gave it a 4 star because nothing is perfect

  15. smilcik (verified owner)

    Well, yum. Doorbell rings this morning, I approach hesitantly in my Montreal Canadians underoos. Mr. Postman has brought me my 1/4 of Money Maker. He smiles. I smile. He exits stage left, never to be seen again. I return to the warmth of my hearth, and slowly open the package to reveal the treasure within: fat, slothful buds, thick with orange/brown hair. The scent of pine and fresh mulch assail me as I crush a bud gently, and I tingle in excitement as I notice how sticky the ground herb is…always a good sign. I roll a standard 1-dude J, and am so pleased at the smoothness of the draw – no harshness, no heated overtones, no throat-burn. I hit it 3 times, put it out and settle in for the wait. 10 minutes pass without me being aware, and a dumbass meme on FB makes me giggle aloud, then fire up the J again. I make it about 3/4’s of the way through when it hits. It feels like an elevator has stopped at the top floor of my brain, the doors opening and disgorging a crowd of people into my head, including Andy Warhol, Snoop Dog, Cheech & Chong and Justin Trudeau. After that initial rush, things settle into a solid head space, a happy place with clarity. All-in-all, a top-notch herb that has the kick of a Tuna Kush with less marshmallow brain.

  16. Niteterror

    It’s a nice mellow high made me relax and not stress. Good indica because it doesn’t make you too lazy

  17. Mike

    This is my second order from doob dasher and the second time they have shorted me. I ordered 5 different strains all in eighth packages and all except one were short. That’s over a gram so far doob dasher has shorted me. Good product but the weight is never what they say it is. Probably the last time I order from here. The more you order the more you get shorted.

  18. longlacman (verified owner)

    i was very scared to order on line because of all my years of buying on the black market i started to smoke in the sixties the rule was do not buy the weed unless you seen the product or there was a good chance you would be burned if you gave them the money specially on the streets and you didnt know them.when i first ordered from this site i thought i was getting ripped off because the info about my order was going weird and i freaked out i was ready to go to vancouver to find out who had my cash i emailed them and nobody got back to me right away so i thought for sure i was being burned put after i freaked out they did e mail and said sorry and my order was on the and reashured me they where going to do more updates to people faster on there orders and keep them up to date better thanks to the people who put up with rage on my part of the matter i fell like asshole and sorry and i did receive the order and fuck did i get stoned on the money maker that shut my mouth up and mellowed me out lol

  19. icenorth_axe

    Not sure where you get this strain from, but it made my friends and I a little paranoid and later sleepy and hungry. Anyway positive feeling was happy, giggly and euphoric! Deliver time was a bit slower then usual but the buds are well worth it for the wait..

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