Pure North Extracts THC Gummies – Sativa (Strawberry)

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CBD: Low
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PNE Full Spectrum Gummies (SATIVA) • 10 X 15mg THC Gummies per bag • Full Spectrum Cannabis Infused Edibles • Soy Free & Gluten Free Pure North Extracts THC Gummies are one of the highest quality Full Spectrum Cannabis Infused edibles out in the market. Each flavorful soy-free gummy is infused with more than 15 mg of Full Spectrum Cannabis oil extracted from a CO2 machine. Full Spectrum not only just contains THC and CBD but has a variety of other health beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that creates a synergy effect together. Users describe the high to be much more pleasant than regular THC gummies with no burnouts. These gummies take about 30min to 90min to kick in depending on the user and will last between 3 to 4 hrs. When the high kicks in, you will notice a pleasant body high followed by a boost of happiness and euphoria. These edibles are great for fatigue, lack of appetite, relieving stress, chronic pain and migraines. * Recommended dosage: For first time users, start with half a gummy and wait 60-90 min before considering taking more. BUY MORE, SAVE MORE!

11 reviews for Pure North Extracts THC Gummies – Sativa (Strawberry)

  1. frenchplague27 (verified owner)

    I enjoy theses, i like that they are stronger than the other brands and you dont have to cut them up. You can definitely taste the thc in them more than the other brands. And the high is nice.

  2. brentmcveeney1 (verified owner)

    First time ever trying any thc or CBD in food form.. I ate 1 of these an it has been about 2 hours in i say it’s just like smoking a bomb ass joint..man

  3. brentmcveeney1 (verified owner)

    Its like smoking a bomb ass joint 2 hours after eating 1 first

  4. kellyormike (verified owner)

    Great product for my chronic pain and the high is smooth.

  5. joshzaborniak (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! Takes about an hour to kick in and lasts for hours!

  6. bone67 (verified owner)

    Taste like you’re chewing on a nug of weed, which wasn’t very enjoyable. But the high is very enjoyable and relaxing. As a long time smoker, I enjoy dabbling in things like this, but still prefer smoking my flowers 🙂 .

  7. AngryReefer (verified owner)

    Does the job. Usually 10 mgs is enough for me, but i felt like i had to increase by another 10. Besides that good taste, and longevity.

  8. kundiatz (verified owner)

    I’m a 100% edible-only user, and the Pure North Extracts brand is completely unbeatable in my experience. I have tried other brands, which were very disappointing compared to these. For some context: 1x15mg dose of these was a better experience than 3x20mg dose of other edibles I’ve tried, and this was consistent across several other brands. These are enjoyable in small doses and large alike. Take my money.

  9. Another one (verified owner)

    expensive and only ok

  10. comara56 (verified owner)

    Second time I’ve tried these gummies and I feel they are the Best Edibles I’ve had. Does the job for my chronic fatigue & insomnia. I Definitely recommend these! 5 Stars

  11. Talon Akalu (verified owner)

    Didn’t seem to have any kick at all. Ive had 10mg that felt the same.

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