White Cookies

THC: High
CBD: Low
Grade: AAA
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White Cookies is often regarded as the BEST hybrid out there, after growers decided to cross the two very well balanced hybrid’s White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies, White Cookies was born. With potent accolades from both sides of the cross, White cookies masterful blend of uplifting euphoria and body relaxing effects has shot this strain into the stratosphere of Marijuana today. This strains absolutely frosted buds taste sweet on the exhale and finishes with earthy after tones. Great for anything from pain all the way to concentration and lack of appetite. Recommended for all tolerance levels.

10 reviews for White Cookies

  1. sudubonzi9

    GSC is one of my favorite strains. I was excited to try White Cookies from Doob Dasher to see if it was as good from my dealer, a very mellow/relaxing high with just enough focus. The smell is fantastic to the nostrils and the flavour is tasty af! Su Du.

  2. Elliot2

    I bought some of this stuff last week and was told this was what its called. i searched all over the web and could not find it at all until i saw an article on facebook. it was one of my favourites because the high was great.. really relaxing and a good head high

  3. nilefact_koosher

    Excellent strain for day time smoking. Makes you very relaxed without making you “couch-locked” and it tastes great. Only negatives are the dry eyes and mouth which actually pretty notable but not enough to take away from the experience.

  4. decos91

    Doobdasher is changing all bad reviews to good ones. Left a review the other day saying don’t buy here and now it says totally buy here. Lots of chemicals and very slow shipping. Takes them over a day to drop package off to post office. BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

  5. tilou.93

    you re just too fussy give them a chance and btw my orders have been delivered fast and the product is excellent (no headache lollll)

    • Doobdasher

      We’ve emailed decos91, numerous of times… his problem was that he complained about how he order and didn’t get it within the 2-3 business days (All our customers know, NO ONE gets their order in 1 business day, and we have never told anyone that)… We’ve responded respectfully, “Canada Post” is insanely hectic during December. He chose to not be respectful, even though we told him we will make sure to give him discount and bonuses for his trouble like everyone else, but that is something Canada Post controls, and they are only HUMAN. He now goes on our Webpage to SPAM all our comments, so now we have Deleted his Comments, so that everyone knows. We are transparent, making sure to get our Meds out to all our customers and want to wish Everyone a Happy/Safe Holidays 🙂

      As well, decos91 ([email protected]), as always is welcome back to be a customer, just please stop spamming, and if anyone wants to reach out to him, that’s his email, have an amazing New Years to Everyone!

  6. Doobdasher

    Hey decos91,

    We love everyone’s input whether its 1 star or 5 star.. The only thing is, no one likes getting SPAMMED, we are sure you understand that. We kept this one review up because we want your voice to be heard. We legitimately have at least 30 comments/emails a day from our customers like you who can’t believe they got their Package in under 2 business days while they are across the country in Quebec for example and how amazing their Meds are. Yes we do totally agree, your package took longer, and yes, that sucks, but it happens all the time to so many of our customers during December (holiday season). As for our Meds being full of chemicals, this is probably the first complaint about that ever at doob-dasher.com, and we acknowledge that, of course, if that is ever the case, we will make sure to either refund your or give you an amazing Meds on your next order. We have never had any situation where our customers have ever been angered. Life is short, and we are only Human doing our best to make sure to get all our Top Quality Meds out to all our Customers who need it most. Yes we deleted most of your comments, because they were the same comment on every post, on every product, and that’s not nice or respectful. We wish you the best Holidays, and we will continually be here to work with you to make your day brighter.

  7. tom.ankor2_00

    Earthy fruity sent my friend compared the earthy smell to the scent of tea. Very dense buds packed with rich trichrones. Smooth going in but catches your throat coming out. Very mellow euphroic high the starts in the highs and lingers theough out the body.

  8. nicklyle9

    GSC is one of my favourite strains. I was excited to try White Cookies from you guys online, a very mellow/relaxing high with just enough focus. The smell is fantastic to the nostrils and the flavour is tasty af!

  9. 9lv4880

    I ordered some different strains. For me, this was the best. I like the high from the Mexican (remember that?) and this has been the closest. Will re-order if available.

  10. mooresfamily

    I like this stuff! Busts out great and has a nice smell to it. I got an eighth and I received one huge nug! Nice bedtime smoke

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